Will Search mailing list

Updated list..

The Society offers a mailing list round its member firms who deal with wills in order to help find any which are missing. The firms included in this mailing list are as follow:

Aberdein Considine & Co, AC Morrison & Richards, Alastair Hart & Co, Alex Hutcheon + Co, Balfour and Manson, Blackadders, Brodies, Bruce MacDonald & Co, Burness Paull, Burnett & Reid, Campbell Connon, Dentons, Fraser & Mulligan, George Mathers & Co, Grant Smith Law Practice, Gray & Gray, James & George Collie, John Davie & Co, Jonathan Tait & Co, Laurie & Co, Law Practice, Ledingham Chalmers, Mackie & Dewar, Mackinnons, McIntosh Family Law, Patience & Buchan, Pat Sinclair & Co, Peterkins, Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace, Shepperd and Wedderburn, Solicitors Direct, Spanish + Scottish Law Practice, Storie Cruden & Simpson, Stronachs, Taggart Meil Mathers, Wilsone Duffus

Banks o’Dee Gym offer

Society members are entitled to Corporate membership of a gym.  Corporate Rate membership is currently £30.99 per month, opening times:

0545 – 2200 hours Monday to Thursday
0600 – 2130 hours Friday
0800 – 1800 hours Saturday
0900 – 2000 hours Sunday

You also receive a Consultation with an Instructor, a Fitness Test and a Programme with will designed for individuals to follow whilst at the Club which is reviewed every 6 weeks and you would receive 10% discount on Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.  Any further information can be found on our Website http://www.banksodee.co.uk/.