CPD: Service Charges in Commercial Properties

Christopher Yannaghas, Director and Head of Property Management at FG Burnett on:
Service Charges in Commercial Properties
This Seminar will give an overview into the operation of service charges in the management of a commercial property. A review of the need for a service charge to fund the provision of common services will be outlined, together with how these are administered. The potential for dispute between parties and threat of government legislation prompted the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to introduce a guidance note in the form of a Code of Practice for its members in 2006. However in 2019 the RICS superseded this with a mandatory Practice Note which imposed specific requirements on its members when managing service charges. The seminar will review what these obligations are and how the Practice Note aims to ensure the smooth operation of a building’s service charge.
All of these issues are important for both owners and occupiers of commercial properties, together with their professional advisors and those who draft or interpret leases that deal with the operation of service charges.

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